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Vancouver Based Magician Matt Johnson Attempts Dangerous Act for the FIRST TIME on AGT

Will he ESCAPE? Last time Matt Johnson attempted a dangerous act like this, he ended up in the ER! Watch as Matt tries this act for the first time on the AGT stage. America’s Got Talent 2021

Watch Matt Johnson Surprise and Amaze People on the Street with Magic!

This was fun – touring around as an International Magician has so many perks. Seeing the faces of people when experiencing the magic is something that brings us all so much joy!

"Nothing Up My Sleeves" On Stage Performance

Live performances are so much fun to do, both locally and internationally. This show combines comedy, magic and the audience to create something that I find really special.

Semi Finals Act in Britain's Got Talent

Will he escape? Steady your nerves, Matt Johnson takes on NERVE-RACKING act. In this literally life-threatening act,  ANYTHING could happen!

Matt Johnson's Fire Escape

Matt appears as one of the top 24 acts in the world on hit TV show The World’s Best on CBS, with US Judges being Faith Hill, RuPaul and Drew Barrymore – with host James Cordon!


View these Close Up Card Tricks

My grandma was a singer. Here is me performing a piece of magic to the last song I ever heard her sing before she passed away. I love you grandma x


Interview on Lorraine about BGT's Act

Matt Johnson chats about his performance in Britains Got Talent and what it takes to be an escapologist. He also discusses how his brother’s illness inspired his dangerous career, and how he was submerged in water 20 seconds longer than he planned.

60 Second Docs - The Bittersweet Ache of Escaping

Underwater escape artist Matt Johnson found escapology through a personal search for understanding. The magician and illusionist, who has performed his escape on “Britain’s Got Talent” and “The World’s Best”, wanted to understand what his brother, who has a rare disease — tuberous sclerosis — goes through.

The Late Late Show with James Cordon

James Corden shows a clip from the premiere episode of an escape artist chained in a tank of water and running out of time. Unfortunately for viewers, they won’t know until Wednesday if Matt Johnson escapes alive, so James brings out Matt in his tank to see how he’s holding up.

Britain's Got Talent - Week 1 Auditions

Matt Johnson is taking on a literally life-threatening audition whilst locked and chained inside a tank filled with water. On a danger level scale of one to ten, he describes this escapology act as 100. Every second is life or death. We. Can’t. Watch.

"At the edge of my seat the whole time"

A year and a half ago, Matt Johnson was at death’s door. With this performance, Matt returns to a different kind of Death’s Door. Will he escape this dangerous act?

Watch this little Audience Member Levitate!

International Magician & Escape Artist Matt Johnson levitates an audience volunteer live in his show!


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International Magician and Escapologist Matt Johnson has been seen on AGT, BGT, The World's Best, Tu Si Que Vales, Penn & Teller Fool Us, Wizard Wars and countless other tv shows around the world!