My Worst Near Death Experience

November 7th 2021. The day I had the worst NEAR DEATH experience of my career😞

I kept it a secret but today is the day I tell all.


I was in NYC rehearsing for 2 and a half months on Broadway. A dream come true!
A lot was going on around this time including the heartbreaking loss of my dad😞
That fateful day I climbed in the water tank for a rehearsal. The lid was padlocked shut and the escape began.

At 2 minutes all was going as planned but then it all went wrong!!

I blacked out! I had (what I now know) was an apnea seizure.
My brain shut the oxygen down to my body to save itself.
I have NO recollection of a sledge hammer going through the side of the tank!
NO recollection of the chest compressions!
NO recollection of being given mouth to mouth. Actions that quite literally saved my life!!

I have so many to thank❤️
JohnJohn Caudill for breaking the tank and giving me chest compressions
Johnny Rockett for mouth to mouth.
NYC fire & medical there that day.
The cast and crew for standing by me and Alec Bryant for standing at the ready night after night to save my life!
Mike Duff for the support and fist bump after every show and Michael Richter for the continued support.
Delilah Wallenda Troffer for checking in on me the night of the accident and to Nik Wallenda for putting his faith in me, for building me a new tank & giving me time to get back mentally and physically to stay in the show.

I went on after the accident to perform the escape in almost 100 shows!

Thank you to Kevin Ridgeway for time spent on the phone explaining about apnea seizures and how to prevent them in the future❤️
I have had accidents in my career as many of the top escape artists have, this was by far my worst.

I am so thankful to everyone involved so I can be here with my family, to continue my journey, to keep doing what I love, to keep motivating others and to keep spreading those words indelibly tattooed on my hand 👇👇👇


Thank you for listening to my story and may it inspire all of you❤️
Love you all xox


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