From Chilliwack to Curacao

This little old Vancouver magician is still on the road. Couple of days ago the beautiful cruise ship that is the Celebrity Beyond was docked in Curacao.

What a beautiful place full of sun, friendly people, great food, even better snorkeling and everything a beautiful Caribbean Island should be.

If you know me you know I’m a bit of a tattoo Addict, let’s just say I have a lot! Well I had 2 hours free and managed to sneak in 3 more before we set sail from Curacau on our way to Bonaire.

I now have the tattoos to help me remember my fun time there.

Yesterday we docked in Bonaire, an island I have been to but never got off the ship until yesterday. I think that island is going to be my new favourite place. Can’t wait to get back and explore more on April 9th. It’s absolutely breathtaking!!!

I feel so blessed to be an international magician travelling the world doing what I love and performing my magic shows in every corner of the globe.

Have a great day everyone and remember…

Never Give Up



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