Back in the Caribbean :)

Well, we made it across the Atlantic and I’m happy to see the seas we’re not too rough 🙂 You never know what to expect when crossing open ocean.

This now means my second home (and the ship I am the resident magician aboard), Celebrity Beyond is now back in the Caribbean for the rest of 2023 and all of 2024! Feels so good to be back. I love the easiness of the Caribbean.

I am thrilled to be headlining Celebrity Beyond for all of 2024 with my magic and illusion show for my 3rd year in a row. The 2024 schedule is CRAZY as I’ll be performing on every single cruise!!! This means whether you’ve seen my magic show before, never seen it or have friends travelling aboard it’s a great time to take a cruise as you’ll see my show too 🙂

Did I mention we are putting brand new magic and illusions in the show for 2024 too! I’ve got some great stuff planned!!!!

Don’t forget to keep following me on social media at @likemattjohnson on all platforms.

Have a great day everyone x




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